Welcome to our wine cellar

Wine of the kings and the king of the wines.

This is how is called Barolo, the most known red wine in Piedmont.

While Piedmont is typically the area of red wines, some white wines and sparkling wine are produced there as well.

Our selection includes white, red and sparkling wines as well as aperitives and dessert wine. Besides the wines, we have a large selection of grappas and liquors.

Our wines, grappas and liquors are available only in the restaurant selection.
Check the producers website.!
Le Colture Az Agr Montaribaldi
Veneto "Prosecco" Piemonte Piemonte
Piemonte Piemonte Lombardia
Masut da Rivé
Toscana Friuli Abruzzo
Toscana Friuli Puglia
Piemonte Valle d'Aosta Piemonte