Softdrink Lurisia

THE CHINOTTO SOFT DRINK OF THE SAVONA SLOW FOOD PRESIDIA. This is a Slow Food Presidia. This ancient oriental citrus fruit is cultivated in the Western Ligurian Riviera in the stretch from Varazze to Pietra Ligure, where, since 1500, it has found an ideal microclimate. The Chinotto soft drink of Savona releases intense and characteristic aromas and has an exceptional juiciness.

MADE OF THE TYPICAL “SFUSATO” LEMONS OF AMALFI It is a rare product. The “sfusato” lemon has been cultivated for more than 300 years on the terraces of the Amalfi Coast. It has a juicy and semi-sweet pulp; it is rich in essential oils that give aromas and intense flavours to the fruit. The “sfusato” lemon is famous worldwide for its sweetness that reveals itself with peculiar and unmistakable connotations.

QUELLA VERA CON “ARANCIA DEL GARGANO IGP” È un Presìdio Slow Food, un esempio importante di agricoltura storica, risultato di intelligenti scelte agronomiche in perfetta armonia con la vocazione, il clima e il terreno di questo paradiso affacciato sull’Adriatico. Le arance del Gargano maturano alla fine dell’inverno e per questo acquisiscono un’eccezionale resistenza all’ossidazione dopo la raccolta: buccia sottilissima, polpa croccante e succo tendente al dolce per ottenere un prodotto unico.

THE REAL ONE OF THE SLOW FOOD PRESIDIA OF SAVONA The fresh chinottos of the Slow Food Presidia of Savona give a special taste to our tonic water. The dye extracted from the chinottos, which replace the traditional lime, and the use of lemon juice add a unique flavour, thus obtaining a naturally good and refreshing drink.

A good and healthy soft drink, made with 100% fruit from autochthonous Piedmont agriculture: the Barbera grapes, apples, pears and peaches of Piedmont. Pure, free from colouring agents and preservatives, it has the natural colour of squeezed fruit and a new, original and unique taste.