La Pasta

In a huge selection of different pastas on the market there is still place for something new as it comes for quality, taste, flavour and texture.

Our pasta originates from three different producers. 

Alfieri Alimentari is producing dried egg pasta according to traditions of Piedmont farming.  The pasta consists of fresh eggs and durum wheat semolina, which comes exclusivity from the first grinding of grains thus showing more color and higher protein content than a standard semolina.  The flattening of pasta is done by a cold process and drying at very low temperatures for 12-24 hours. The slow process preserves organoleptic properties and gives excellent cooking resistance. The packaging is still handmade.

Alba based artisan Marco Giacosa reinterprets the gastronomic delights of the past to produce all types and shapes of pasta evoking the fragrances of nature and the flavors of home-made products. Simplicity, rigorousness, passion and contemporary enhancement of the flavors are his personal guidelines in pasta production. He uses fresh eggs and flours from local mills and cold rolling process enhancing microporosity, elasticity, original color and distinguish of taste.

Afeltra is a trademark for dry pasta since 1848 originating from the capital of the dry pasta – a city close to Napoli called Gragnano. Due to the city’s strategic geographical position, favorable micro-climate and the knowledge passed down through the generations, the Gragnano pasta is known all over the world.