Caffé Hausbrandt

"Specialitá Caffé Hausbrandt"

Since 1892 Hausbrandt devote to consistent quality of the coffee.
Every of their blend ensure an unique flavour and persistent aroma afterward.

Come and try at "La Tartufata"

Hausbrandt coffee originate by the best selection of coffee beans provided by the cultivation around the world.

Coffee Beans


A blend of selected 100% Arabica beans, with spicy and citrusy notes. The delicate sweetness and refined acidity make this a prized and sophisticated coffee, for palates that seek truly unique sensations.

A rich blend of carefully selected, single origin coffees. This coffee has a smooth yet intense flavour, medium body and fine acidity. It has a pleasing fruity aroma and an aftertaste with hints of bitter cocoa.


A sweet, spicy coffee with medium body and medium acidity.
The sweet, pleasing taste is distinguished by notes of
hazelnut and cocoa.


A full-bodied coffee with a barely-perceptible acidity. The prevailing roasty aroma has notes of baked desserts. Hints of bitter cocoa and liquorice are perceptible in the aftertaste.


A delicate blend distinguished by its subtle coffee aroma, accompanied by pleasing notes of dried fruits, sweetened and enlivened by scents of chocolate.


A coffee with decisive characteristics. The presence of Robusta gives the coffee good body and an unmistakable aroma of toasted bread and biscuits, with an almost imperceptible acidity.