Cheese & Meat

We include cheeses and cure meat in our selection.

From us you will get a well selected classic , Parmiggiano, Gorgonzola and Taleggio.

Beside those we supply a regiona specialties from the Alps and Langhe area from Piemonte region.

Also available Pecorino from Sardinia and Sicily, and Lazio.

Please contact us for further informations.
Or visit us at our ShowRoom "La Tartufata in Tehtaankatu 21.

We could organize a Taste!.

The Truffle

The truffle is a hypogean fungus, which grows underground. It forms a symbiotic relationship with its environment mainly a tree like oak, walnut, poplar, hazel, linden or chestnut. Truffles are fed on the substances they find on the roots to which they also restore vital substances. Truffle is considered as “magic food” because it is able to deliver sense of pleasure and excitement while eating it.

Tryffeliöljy ml
Olio Tartufo bianco 100ml Sacchi Tartufi 100
Olio Tartufo bianco 250ml Sacchi Tartufi 250
Olio Tartufo bianco 1000ml Sacchi Tartufi 1000
Olio Tartufo nero estivo Sacchi Tartufi 250
Olio Tartuffo nero invernale Sacchi Tartufi 250
TryffelisŠilykkeet g
Salsa Tartufata 80g Sacchi Tartufi 80
Salsa Tartufata 170g Sacchi Tartufi 170
Salsa Tartufata 500g Sacchi Tartufi 500
Salsa Tartufata Bianca 80g Sacchi Tartufi 80
Salsa Tartufata Bianca 170g Sacchi Tartufi 170
Tartufette Aestivum Sacchi Tartufi 50
Tartufette Aestivum 170g Sacchi Tartufi 170
Tartufette Bianchetto Sacchi Tartufi 80
Paté tartufo Estivo 50g Sacchi Tartufi 50
Paté tartufo Bianchetto Sacchi Tartufi 50
Crema Al tartufo bianco Eden Tartufi 170
Burro Tartufo 300g Eden Tartufi 300
Burro Tartufo 80g Eden Tartufi 80
Tartufata Sugo Pronto Morra Tartufi 100
Tartufata Bianca  Morra Tartufi 100
Pesto e tartufo  Morra Tartufi 100
Porcini e tartufo Morra Tartufi 100
Pomodorini, ricotta e tartufo Morra Tartufi 100
Carpaccio tartufo est. Morra Tartufi 90
Crema di olive e mandorle con tartufi Morra Tartufi 90
Salsa funghi e tarufo est. (Tartufata ) Morra Tartufi 80
Succo di Tartufi Melano. Morra Tartufi 200
Sale al Tartufo Morra Tartufi 100
Crema ai Porcini e Tartufo Bianco  Morra Tartufi 80
Crema ai Porcini e Tartufo Bianco  Morra Tartufi 50
Crema ai Porcini e Tartufo Bianco Morra Tartufi 200
Muut tryffeli -tuotteet
Miele al Tartufo Sacchi Tartufi 100